Brian J Richman

About me

I am originally from England and was actually born in the same part of north London as Don McCullin the photographer/author famed for having his Nikon F camera take a bullet from an AK47 and save his life while he was on assignment during the Vietnam war.

A Selfie! I hate selfies...

Currently, I call Fort Worth, Texas my home having also lived in several parts of England including London, Brighton in Sussex and some time in East Anglia in a town called Woodbridge near Ipswich in the county of Suffolk.

My photographs are published in print and online both for my employer and elsewhere. I have won awards for my work, including the Colonial Mutual photography prize, had gallery exhibitions, am featured in books and also received a number of honorable mentions in competition.

It was my father who first excited my interest in photography with his curiosity in the potential for the results that first captured my attention. Relatives of mine were also members of the Royal Photographic Society in the UK, so I spent much time with cameras and in darkrooms all of which provided a substantial amount of training in the craft of film based photography. 

Now as we move well into the digital age of image making I am exciting my interest in things photographic all over again. Having musicians, graphic artists, architects, and fine artists as relatives while I was growing up, a variety of the arts and image making in particular were all around me. As an adult, it is beyond imagination that my life would continue uninterrupted without at least some involvement in this aspect of the arts. 

I have taken Photographs nearly all my life; starting in the mid 1960′s aged about 9 or 10, during the 1970′s when art became a significant part of my life, and now in the 21st Century, when photography has once again, become important for me. While studying for the British Diploma in Art and Design qualification in the early 1970′s, I became disillusioned by the modern art school approach to the subject. Now post-art-school and living in a different country, I am once again able to concentrate on the arts and my personal creativity.