Brian J Richman

Ivor Richman 

Ivor Richman was a man who expressed more artistic skills in the little finger of his left hand before breakfast most days than 99% of the population do in an entire lifetime. He left us in 1994 with a legacy of images, some of which were gathered by relative, architect and artist David Davis.

Those images were made into a portfolio that was distributed to family members. At the time, which was well before the popularity of the internet and the rise of more affordable digital imaging, these pictures were intended as a way to honor Ivor and for us to remember him. Now that more than two decades have passed, perhaps we can review these images, remember his genius and mourn his memory with joy and the happiness he brought to many, both with his photography and with his music.

There were two eulogies produced, one by David and one by myself. Both are reproduced here:

Whilst Ivor was a professional musician for all his working career, any observer would identify his second preoccupation and passion was photography. The result is a lifetime of images, both posed and spontaneous which clearly show Ivor's appreciation, sensitivity and artistic perception of humanity and places. The body of work accumulated is immense, from family memories to far away places. All who look through these images cannot fail to be overwhelmed by the detail that sets a record to over fifty years of observing and recording. Ivor's photographic skills and professionalism won him many competitions over the years. His sometimes solitary perseverance can be an example to us all. His images not only show his talent at taking photographs, but the printing of his own images completes the cycle of artistic creation. Ivor the musician, the photographer, the wonderful human being will be a fruitful memory to all who knew him. This portfolio of images created over fifty years is a small token of the many thousands of photographs that were taken. The portfolio contains 30 examples of landscapes, portraits and scenes from both this country and worldwide. In addition there are two self portraits, one close up of Ivor at the peak of his creative years and a second set against the Parthenon in Greece. The sum of Ivor's work is a cultural contribution both to his immediate family and the world at large.

David Davies,
Maiden Bridge Arts Center, UK.

- - - -

My earliest memory of Ivor are of his smile. His eyes always twinkled and his words tumbled out as if he simply could not get them into the world quick enough. We would talk about musical instruments as we both played the bass - he and I would often argue over the merits of the major manufacturers. I am still shocked at his dragging a double bass almost half way across the London nightscape several times a week on his way home from gigs. My 'enlightening' him about the merits of the bass guitar was something I will always remember as quite litterally lightening his load... In his Stamford Hill, North London house, there was a magical basement. I can still recall It as a place where both my father and Ivor would spend many hours only to emerge with that characteristic aroma of photographic chemicals floating in the air. I recall peering through the glow of the dim red light as the images appeared out of nowhere on the paper in those chemical baths. Then there was his voice singing songs as his hands danced in the light beam from the enlarger as he "held-back" the exposure for parts of the image being projected onto the paper below; it really was an act of creation. Ivor once told me that the best photos are the simplest... but also are the hardest to get. I can hear his voice even now; "If you can, make friends with the subject as that will shine through in the picture." and I can see that in many of the faces here. Such profound advice - and an important message to us all. 

Brian Richman.
February - 2005. Fort Worth, TX, USA.

- - - -

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Please contact me if you would like to use these images in a commercial enterprise (they are not royalty-free) but fear not, in a spirit I know Ivor would have approved of, the licence terms are not going to cripple anyones budget or bank balance.